OMG JIM THANK UU SO MUCH! KING OF ZALFIE OMG THE FEELS, JUST TOO MUCH.. THE YEAR IS STARTING OF GREAT, he did it again people!!!! ZALFIE hahah a little late on this but geeez image


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Don’t bring it to twitter or their seperate tags on tumblr. Let’s keep it on here. I’m really worried about how their realationship is going to be like. Let’s just be happy and chill out a bit. I’m guilty of freaking out but I’m starting to see a point why they kept things private and so … 


omg that’s totally zalfie, thank u jim omg.. give me some air this is crazy. But as everyone said keep it in the zalfie tag. But omg I’m freaking out hahhaha 


I mean I definitely think its alfie because the pic was taken in greece and she was there with jim, tanya and alfie. Like it’s not like she’s gonna kiss some random dude in greece. Even though I’m so happy I do feel sorry for Jim and for zoe and alfie too. But for someone who’s been shipping them for so long is pretty exiting ofcourse people are gonna freak out! hehe